Boost notification

Grant Request:

A brief but descriptive short text to Indicate transparently what the grant funds would be used for. If the grant involves an event or partnership, indicate the dates of the event and a link to the event’s, partnership website.
people will not check beefy every day so they are very likely to miss any ongoing boost oppotunities and if there is a stopped vault, it is very likely to be left there for at least a few days. There should be a voluntary sign up system to give notifications to users regarding new boosts and stopped vaults


List of people involved
all beefy users.

Timeline and deliverables:

Provide a transparent and realistic timeline and outcomes for this grant (consider everything like planning, implementation, development. This should demonstrate that you went carefully through the idea)
For every element here include at least the following: person responsible, date/date-range, activity/milestone
It is very easy to develop since it is just a signup email system.

Cost & gains:

Costs are based on the section above.
Possible gains and risks (here goes ROI estimate and may include possible new costs later for the community. This can be used later to see how well did this go)
much better user experience will close to no cost.