Displayed APR not matching up with my own calculation

I deposited X amount of DAI in to the Fantom DAI vault(Scream) on 27th October, now exactly 4 days later,
I got 0.16583% of my original deposition as yield
that’s equivalent to a daily yield of 0.0414584%
which then equal to an annual yield of about 16% even after taking into account an infinite amount of compounding.

This is far short of the 29% APR displayed on the website as of now.

Can someone shed some lights on why there’s such a discrepancy and why I might have done wrong with my calculation?

It often happened to me. But on longer time (a month for exemple) it was rather close to my calculation.
The problem I have is that it may be IMPOSSIBLE to withdraw some vault because of the fee (many millions FTM !). But the yield is in general well corresponding to my own calculation.
You should wait a little more before taking a decision.

Another cause is that the value of DAI in USD is often waving around 1:1. It may be the explanation. You should investigate that.

Shouldn’t I be able to multiply the daily rate by 365 and get the APY? This is how it shows up on my other staking site?

Scream takes a lot of fee. It may shrink the benefits…

Thanks for the feedback! But now, 9 days later, the yield seems to stabilised around 17%. Also fyi I am using the Effect() excel function to calculated the APR as per Beefy’s own doc. Strangely, I also using a few other vault with Beefy, and their APR is very close to the displayed value. Emmm…

I also have taken that into account, as the yield accumulated, the percentage difference caused by the variation of DAI:USD diminish, so this can’t explain the ~10% difference between my own record and the website value.

Yes, also I am using Effect() excel function as per Beefy’s own doc, still can’t make up the number as displayed on the website.

But shouldn’t that be taken into account when Beefy calculate its displayed numbers already?


Same here, I use scream for both DAI and MIM and the displayed APR is about 30% for both whereas I only see about 15% when I calculate it. For other vault, like BSC stable LP for instance, the APR is pretty accurate.



I would add that my MIM vault value is frozen since yesterday…so real APR = 0 since 1 day…