Grant Request for mooBifi Lending

Encourage the longterm holding of Bifi tokens by unlocking access to part of its value by allowing users to borrow against the token and its future yield.

Partner with our friends at Sushiswap and work with them to whitelist mooBifi tokens in their Kashi lending pools on BSC (and later Fantom/Polygon).

We can set aside 20,000 of the monthly development grant fund.

  • 10,000 for Development: 5k for front end and 5k for smart contracts backend to place a dev bounty for accessing this pool through the boost section of the beefy website paid upon completion as determined by DAO

  • 2500 our outreach team to connect with sushi to produce actionable results in working towards getting sushi to incentivize this pool with sushi token emissions and to hammer out the finer details of this opportunity and how each team wishes to move forward paid upon completion as determined by DAO

  • 7500 to marketing team (in sets of 750, 10x total over a time period of 10 weeks for marketing material for social media and each website) as completed as determined by the budget council or if it is decided to vote upon it by DAO