Grant request for yield returning Wizard-Themed DAO built on Beefy backend

Grant Request:

In terms of safety vs potential profits, in my opinion offers the best balance of both worlds.

And in terms of NFTs, from the asking around I have done, a lot of the NFT crowd is not aware of or the bifi token for that matter.

Basic Idea

We are creating a DAO where the entry pass is in the form of an NFT.
The NFT is only a means to gather capital. It’s not the end-goal in itself, and just allows people to tokenize their membership and for administrative purposes.
The DAO will be investing it’s funds in pools. Profits will be taken after a predetermined period/percentage gain.

These profits are locked to the entry pass for a set amount of time. During this time, the pass can still be sold/traded. At the end of the fund lock period, the current pass owner can withdraw the funds.


We will mint an NFT collection, where most of the proceeds go to the DAO-like structure.

  • A proposal is made to invest in a pool:
  • Proposals get voted on (which pool)
    Example proposal:
    Pool: eth-ftm (spooky)
    Chain: Fantom Opera
    Profit taking: 20%
    Loss: Determined by either a) predetermined council, or b) dao vote
  • Profits get taken
    Profits are locked for XY amount of time. They are not locked to the NFT wallet holder, but to the NFT ID.
  • Profits unlock, the current NFT holder can withdraw the tokens stored “in” the NFT
  • Repeat

The idea here is to use the NFT as a Tupperware box, or vault; the Wizard Image is just a fancy box cover which has artistic value, but the real value is contained in the box and the owner can

  • take out the profits after timelock
  • trade the NFT not just based on JPEG attribute value, but also based on current investment/current tokens contained.

This is made possible due to the proposal voting not remembering the holder wallet, but the ID itself; the voter just needs to confirm that he/she is the owner of the NFT to vote, and again the withdrawer needs to confirm that he/she holds the NFT in wallet.

Basically, the NFT can increase the resale value beyond its speculative/rarity values alone, by giving access to certain investments/profits.


• Proposal/project management: Tilty
• Frontend design(mockups, layouts etc.): Tilty
• Art: StakiusMaximus(consulting), Elrikk(art editing), external artist(initial creation)
• Frontend development(react): TBD, Tilty
• Solidity Contracts: TBD

Timeline and deliverables:

There is no real way to determine an exact timeline, but I would predict 1-2 months; here’s why.

  • Art is mostly done, another 2-4 weeks
  • Frontend is most time-consuming, we will focus on the barebones features: Proposals, individual NFT info display(value locked for how long), current investments, project info. Estimated 1-1.5 month development
  • Solidity Contracts should not take longer than estimated 1 month; again we will focus on getting a barebones version running, and beautify later. Including a week of testing, we are looking at 1.25 months


Milestone 1: Art is completed


Milestone 1: Contracts are written and reviewed

Milestone 2: Contracts are tested and deployed live


Milestone 1: Frontend skeleton exists, mockups are ready

Milestone 2: Frontend UI complete

Milestone 3: Frontend is connected to contracts and included in testing

As there are multiple developers, most milestones can be done synchronously, but there are some minor dependencies.

Deliverable: A User Interface where users can create/vote on proposals, see information on their NFTs, and current investments.

Cost & gains:


Maximum total of $13250

  • $7000 to pay for Frontend development (2x3500$)
  • $5250 to pay for Solidity development (1.5x3500$)
  • $1000 to pay for design attributes such as logo, banner, small visual additions
  • Art payment handled by Tilty over paypal

Developers will be paid upon milestone completions, except for myself (Tilty), who will not be paid at all.


Giving concrete ROI details is impossible, but I will attempt to visualize with an example:

  • We mint 5000 NFTs. Provided this grant goes through, we will launch on Fantom Opera.
  • We want to reach $1 000 000 raised from minting; Assuming FTM stays at around 3$, that is 70FTM per NFT.
  • 10% ($100 000) goes to the project devs for future development/collabs/gameifying.
  • 90% ($900 000) goes to the DAO for beefy investments.
  • has a 4.5% base fee, which means $40500 in fees. $4500 go directly to the treasury.
  • By the 3rd round of investing (based on a $900k investment) the treasury will be break-even.

So, gains .

  • Exposing new investors to, people who initially joined the NFT bullrun and are new to crypto.
  • Good long-term constant trickle of financing for the treasury
  • New partnerships with NFT projects, which would be something relatively new to the beefy ecosystem
  • Good growth potential by expanding into other chains and future NFT releases to gain new investors and capital.


  • Smart Contract & Client hacks
    • Solution: Dedicated week for testing
  • Solidity/UI dev jumps ship
    • Effect: Development paused/setbacks
    • Prevention: Daily reports, backup work
    • Solution: hire new developer
  • Tilty rugpulls
    • Solution: beat him up

Sneak peeks for the membership visuals can be found in the #sneak-peeks channel: The Wizard's Tower


Why pay a 10% premium on the NFT when I could just invest the money myself?

Good question. The way the payouts will be structured, only NFTs who actively vote on a proposal will be eligible for profits. This means it’s not ‘passive’ income, but it also means that wallets/NFTs which are dormant, as well as NFTs which were just purchased as a twitter profile picture, are excluded from the profit pool.

This leaves more profits for the community that actively votes and participates in community stuff, as it should! Our estimate is that at least 10-15% of the NFTs will not vote/participate in proposals, and if this happens, your 10% premium is negligible.


If you agree, great. If not, kindly tell me why/what is wrong with the idea for you. I’d like to build something fun and useful, so all feedback is welcomed.

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