Grant Request, Mailing List for Vault/Token Changes

Grant Request:

This requests costs close to nothing. I would like to create and help manage Mailing Lists for Beefy (and MoonPot).
Its a classic way of communicating, but I think its worth having and maintaining.

So there would be a page to sign up for several different lists based on which Token they hold. It would be totally voluntary (of course!) for the user.
Example: Cake, BIFI, BNB, etc…

Possibly it could be linked to their Connected Wallet to help filter a longer list.

That said, after said users subscribe to the list(s), would just email them if they need to move their funds, or if other opportunities arise.

Examples: The Vault (Cake Auto) strategy updates, and users need to move their LP/Funds.
Beefy/MoonPot opens a new option for that token, then email could be dispatched.


We have a lot of “dead” money in Retired/Closed vaults. There is no direct way to contact the users.
So we should start with the Mailing Lists, and then see about Telegram/Discord options for users in the future. Pains me to see dead money in these Retired Vaults.


Myself, Dev’s or Team to alert when a funds move is needed by user.

Timeline and deliverables:

As far as Timeline and Deliverables, the setup would not take that long. Within a week or 2 a Mailing List provider could be discussed and setup. (i.e. MailChimp, Constant Contact, Self-Hosted, etc…)

Cost & gains:

Costs would be the costs of the provider, and depends how popular this becomes.
MailChimp cost for 50k Contacts ranges from $370/month to $1550/Month depending on package.
We (The Team) would obviously discuss options, including self-hosting, and make a decision from there.

Thanks, and hope that helps! <3

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I like the idea. We’ve discussed the potential need to have a mailing list, or some way to reach out to users. I think it’s best if we iron out a potential budget and pass a regular proposal in the coming days. As there’s no defined budget just yet for the community to approve.

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Talk this week on the Discord :slight_smile: