Grant Request to sponsor Beefy events at the first ever POAPathon

Grant Request:

I’m writing as a long-time member of the Beefy DAO, and also a QiDao Qimp, who’s partnering with other DAOs to organise the first ever POAPathon (POAP + Hackathon) event in mid-Nov. It’s aimed at bringing designers & artists to the crypto space through the awesome xDAI project POAP. I believe it’s well aligned with the mission of Beefy to help its users by making it easy to get a yield on their crypto capital in a safe and decentralized manner.

The event is aimed at being an introduction, guide and competition centered around POAP design events sponsored by different protocols. It will run for ~14 days from around the 12th of Nov and cover the aforementioned design competitions, as well as livestreams, pixel party, raffles, giveaways, design critiques and more! It will make use of Gitcoin’s paid Hackathon model to ensure smooth management & submissions, as well as additional visibility through Gitcoin.

This was kick-started by Volatility protocol about 3 weeks back and has since grown to include sponsorships & core involvement from UMA, Sushi, Harvest Finance, QiDao, Balancer, and the POAP team itself, with more protocols to be onboarded soon. Seeing as how we’ve begun our NFT journey in earnest at our Birthday Party, this would be an ideal event to further our inroads into the POAP spotlight and raise awareness about our protocol, products (Moonpot) and upcoming NFT avatars.

Website Sponsorship FAQ: POAPathon - Sponsors FAQ (WIP)
Discord: POAPathon

The minimum commitment required to become a sponsor is $2000, and split as follows

  • 3x POAP Design Competitions, each with $500 worth of rewards (split between 1st and 2nd place minimum)
  • 1x Grand Prize sponsorship for $500. This will be used to award best overall POAP design winner across all design competitions.

POAPathon prize funds would be managed directly by Beefy DAO with no middle-person between the DAO and the selected winners of each of the POAP design events we choose organise.

I’m also requesting for a $250 personal grant for time and effort to plan the events, design collaterals, Beefy sponsor Discord channel management, manage hackathon event creation, submission curation for DAO voting, and represent Beefy DAO at the POAPathon committee meetings. I would require assistance in marketing from Beefy’s existing channels, as well as request representation from Mooncow and/or others during the event to livestream/host Twitter Spaces to talk POAP/NFTs and other related activities tied in to our own avatar project.


  • Wraithers#0101 - Beefy DAO Representative, QiDao Representative & OG POAPathon planning committee member
  • Beefy Support Rep - Looking for assistance from our existing Beefy DAO members working in the space & community management: Frondoto, Dydymoon, Chip, AllTrades, among others

Timeline and deliverables:

  • 15th Oct - Commitment to sponsor the POAPathon team & Discord sponsor channel creation - Wraithers
  • 22nd Oct - Outline & define POAP design competition events (theme, submission criteria, number of winners) - Wraithers + Beefy DAO
  • 25th-31st Oct - Collateral design drafts/submission Wraithers + Beefy DAO
  • 5th-7th Nov - Hackathon event submission (possibly earlier) - Wraithers
  • 8th-25th - Event tracking, channel monitoring, design critique calls, POAP guidance - Wraithers + Beefy Support Rep
  • 25th-29th - Curation of submissions, delivery to DAO for voting, announcement of winners, collection of winner information & open files of POAPs - Wraithers
  • Beefy DAO Awards winners from Treasury

Cost & gains:

Total cost: $2000 POAPathon event sponsorship + $250 personal grant for time & effort

Risks: POAPathon participation is not very large; submissions are mediocre


  • Awareness of Beefy outside of the DeFi space; exposure to many more artists and the POAP community
  • Awareness of Beefy’s offerings & products to a whole new prospective, captive audience
  • Highlight as one of the sponsors of the world’s first ever POAPathon
  • Highlight across POAPathon events as a sponsor
  • Listed in the Gitcoin Hackathon list of POAP events
  • Opportunity for Beefy DAO members to paint pixels on the POAPathon Pixel Party canvas
  • Networking with other DeFi players early in the planning + being known as the only yield optimizer that’s across 7+ chains
  • Awareness for our new NFT avatars project, possible whitelist opportunities and more
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I would support this.

I think that Moonpot can be a sponsor, and that you could apply for Beefy sponsorship too after talking with TheBeefyCow and Frondoto.

I would also be happy to speak at the event.

Thanks, Mooncow, that means a lot.

Can you clarify your Moonpot comment? Since it’s not a DAO are you noting that Moonpot would like to come on as a sponsor? :slight_smile:

This grant proposal is aimed at Beefy, so I would assume it needs to pass for Beefy sponsorship, correct? :+1:t3:

Also, as part of yesterday’s twice weekly POAPathon planning committee call we discussed and updated the sponsorship options, that are now reflected on the website linked above, and which I’ll detail out below for further discussion.

The planning committee decided instead of only having sponsors reward 3+ events and/or seperately come on as event sponsors contributing funds towards event costs (Gitcoin $20k hosted hackathon fee), to have event rewards included in the event sponsorship levels.

My recommendation is to add the various options listed below as different voting options for the Beefy DAO to decide on regarding sponsorship:

  • POAPathon Whale Sponsor - $7,500 (Includes 5 Design Rewards)***
    POAPathon will showcase Whale sponsors as the top level event sponsor and will include Whale Sponsors in all sponsor opportunities available, such as Gitcoin Hackathon page, website, all Poapathon Livestream, official co-sponsored POAP claim page design. $2,500* will be used towards 5 design rewards.

  • POAPathon Degen Sponsor - $5,000 (Includes 4 Design Rewards)***
    POAPathon will showcase Degen sponsors as the second level event sponsor and will include Degen sponsors in sponsor opportunities available, such as Gitcoin Hackathon page, website, and 1-2 Poapathon Livestreams, official co-sponsored POAP claim page design. $2,000* will be used towards 4 design rewards.

  • POAPathon Ape Sponsor - $2,500 (Includes 3 Design Rewards)***
    POAPathon will showcase Ape sponsors as the third level event sponsor and will include Ape sponsors in sponsor opportunities such as Gitcoin Hackathon page and poapathon website. $1,500* will be used towards 3 design rewards.

  • POAPathon FREN Sponsor - $1,500 (Includes 3 Design Rewards)***
    This is a POAP reward only sponsorship; not be eligible for additional sponsorship activities with this tier. $1,500* will be used towards 3 design rewards.

  • POAPathon Reward Only Sponsorship - minimum $1,500 and 3 POAP events (as per outline in original request)

Note: As of yesterday Volatility, a new sponsor Mythereum, and another have all committed to a Whale Sponsorship of $7500, with 5 design events each.

*Rewards will be paid directly from sponsor to the event winners via Gitcoin Bounties
***100% will go to a POAPathon wallet with Multi-Sig for use toward POAPathon 2021. Any remaining funds will be reserved for future POAPathon use.

My recommendation would be to decide based on:

  • The number of events & POAPs we’d like to create (more events means higher visibility to artists & participants, and grand prize chances)
  • The awareness level we’d aim to generate (sponsor opportunities we’d like to be included in)
  • The perception of our protocol(s) based on the level we sign on for

Hi Wraithers,

that’s correct. I cannot decide on behalf of Beefy for sponsorship, although I would support the idea. But for Moonpot there is a pre-determined budget for this kind of activity (especially at the new Fren levell) so its quite a simple yes until we have more structure at Moonpot for such decisions.

And for supporting in terms of presenting at the events, this fits well into my Beefy Role where part of the goal is to increase the number and value of Beefy partnerships - which getting to meet all the sponsors and getting closer to POAP definitely fits in.

Maybe you can speak with Frondoto and TheBeefyCow about a budget proposal for a Beefy sponsorship DAO proposal. You can DM me on Discord about supporting the events itself in person, and the Moonpot Fren sponsorship.

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Hey Mooncow, thanks for the clarity.

The Beefy grant vote is live now, unfortunately with the old sponsorship format; I’m unsure if there’ll be a way to get a new one put up instead, but I’ve left messages on the #buidl-program channel for @sirbeefalot, TheBeefyCow and Frondoto to check this update and let me know on next steps.

Glad to hear you’re onboard with presenting at the POAPathon, more details should be forthcoming in a week or so. We’re currently planning out a few tracks for DeFI beginners, Designers and Participants so that should give us picture of what’s needed the most.

I’ll DM you as suggested for more details and share an invite for the POAPathon server :slight_smile: