Grant Request to Take Polygondex Multi-Chain

Polygondex is a community tool used to track yield of beefy vaults on the Polygon Network. It is well known for its high level of detail including displaying IL, vault yield, and token rebalances. Polygondex is also compatible with tracking yield when users use Beefy Zap.

The primary goal of this proposal is to expand Polygondex to track ALL beefy vaults across ALL chains.

The grant would also fund development to automate tracking of new vaults as they are added, including vaults utilizing a token for the first time. Beefy boost tracking would also be automated so that users would have no downtime in tracking their yield even after staking their mooTokens into a beefy boost.

When users can track their yield to the high level of detail provided with polygondex, it increases user satisfaction of using beefy. When users can only track to this level of detail of beefy vaults and no other DeFi platforms, it further incentivizes users to continue using beefy over competitors. Both of these reasons should drive an increase in TVL.

Website for current version: Polygon Yield Tracker
Sample Wallet (Selected from the blockchain, no affiliation with the project)

Funds requested = $18,000 to Terry (, developer of Polygondex

Ongoing costs include QuickNode RPC, hosting.

Current cost for just Polygon RPC is ~$200/month.
Each additional chain would require an additional RPC, with an archive node for historical data tracking.
BSC and FTM will be a minimum $200/month each.
Lower TVL chains will also need their own RPC, but a lower cost plan can be used.

This proposal is being submitted in collaboration with Terry.

Some deeper analysis of how ROI would be brought to Beefy would make sense here. Like x% marginal increase in TVL derives $y in ROI based on Beefy’s weighted-average vault APY.

Without that, this request seems a lot like a gift, or am I missing something, always possible?

This proposal is rescinded, to be replaced by a new one.