How to withdraw token

I’m new to Beefy Finance (and Defi in general) and I don’t understand how to convert the tokens I get from the vaults (like USDC.e-AVAX LP) into AVAX, USDC, etc. I withdrew my money from the vault and it shows up as a balance of USDC.e-AVAX LP. Can anyone tell me how to swap this back to AVAX? Really appreciate the help

If you’ve already withdrawn from the vault you will need to go to the platform where the LP was first created, like TraderJoe or Pangolin. There you can go to the Pool tab and remove the liquidity. That will split the LP token back into the two assets. You can then swap the USDC.e to AVAX.

You could have also used the Beefy Zap feature if you were still in the vault. How to use Beefy Zap - Beefy.Finance

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Thank you so much! That worked perfectly.