Localization of Beefy App Effort

Localization of Beefy App – $4.5K BeefyGrant request

My last compensation for localization efforts was mid-late August as part of the batched, retroactive development reward passed by the DAO. Since then, the following work has been done on the localization front:

  • Work toward streamlining integration with CrowdIn, the SaaS used by Beefy
    • CrowdIn account was somehow impaired in their system such that integration with Beefy Github became unreliable. A few days of troubleshooting work has been spent on various things to get it working again (e.g. use of their CLI tooling, direct escalation with their development team), but it’s still not where it needs to be.
    • Next step is to move instead to CrowdIn’s next-generation CrowdIn Enterprise platform. This should reset everything and get it working as it should, and it will provide a point of opportunity to have the service tie into Beefy’s Github directly instead of into AllTrades’ fork of the Beefy app.
  • Updated the v1 Russian localization (Karen094)
  • Added localization candidates for when v2 rolls out (Indonesian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Estonian, maybe Korean). Actual localization has been held on hold awaiting what had been expected to be an “imminent” v2 release.
  • Developed contact with a Beefy user who says s/he’s leading up Binance’s localization. Turns out Binance also uses CrowdIn, and this person is happy to collaborate, share localization contacts.

Once v2 has firmed up as ready to roll out, I will launch a long, large process of localization of the v2 app which has 2x to 4x the amount of English in it as v1 has, depending on how one wishes to count and localize.

Localization work is generally, not directly, supportive of ROI in terms of building TVL and revenue. Good localization reduces usability (UX) friction, helping users engage with and invest more readily on the platform, and so lessens also time-intensive hand-holding by Beefy’s support personnel. If good localization provides, say, a 10% increase in transaction throughput, it boosts Beefy revenue boost by $54K per month (given today’s revenue run-rate of $18K/day) and so leads to correspondingly higher TVL ($15.7M).

Localization effort over last 5-6 weeks (August through September): $1K
Boost for anticipated efforts in October: $3.5K
Total grant request: $4.5K

If v2 is substantially delayed the budgeted $3.5K could prove to have been too much, in which case I will of course carry over the unused portion into a reduction of an anticipated request for November.