Lost JEUR-USDC in Beefi vault

I am asking for help and also to make sure no one gets to loose money as I did.
I deposited in JEUER - USDC and boosted
After the boost I received a new token in my wallet “mooKyberUSDC-jEUR”
I had no idea how much money that should be, so I swap from metamask, received USDT 10, and just after doing it the money I had in the vault dissapeared!!!

1 If anyone knows how I can go backwards and recover it

2 I did not kow I can remove money from a vault without actualy withdrawing it


You deposited by MetaMask ? Of course not.
So why would you swap/withdraw it from MetaMask ?

You need to remove the LP the same way you created it, except in reverse.
NEVER use the SWAP function in MetaMask! Especially for an LP.

Your money is gone, let this be a lesson for you. Next time use the withdraw function on the Vault.
And if you want to know how much its worth, use a Yield Tracker site, there are a few out there. They ONLY need your Public Wallet address, never anything more!