Read before requesting vaults!

This category is a place for Beefy community members to ask for new vaults to be implemented. Please follow the following guidelines when creating a request. Otherwise they request might be deleted by admins.

  1. Before creating a request please check that there isn’t already an existing request for the same farm.

  2. The title should be “Request for <STAKED_TOKEN> vault from <FARM_PLATFORM> at <FARM_CHAIN>”. For example: “Request for BUSD-BNB vault from Pancakeswap at BSC”.

  3. Follow the topic template provided when creating a post.

There is no guarantee that all requests will end up with a live vault. But this can be a place to draw attention to community developers, discuss potential risks with vaults, whether it’s possible to boost it, etc.

Request for BNB-ASS vault via, a Pancake LP on BSC.
Contract: 0x2407A09D25F8b72c8838A56b4100Ce600fbFA4ed
TVL: $116,151
Reward: HONEY

I hope I am doing this right- only my 2nd request. Here’s a link to the farm, and thank you!:

Request for pWINGSvault from Jetswap at Polygon