Request for all vaults from at Arbitrum

I would like to request new Vaults

Staked Token: DAI, WETH, USDC, WBTC, USDT, LINK, UNI. Probably soon some more according to their docs
Current TVL: >$30m
Current farm APR: 0.5% for WETH, 28% for DAI, others inbetween. + additional AMY rewards, token not yet trading.
Link to platform: and docs: 🏦Lending - Amy.Finance

Reason why it could benefit Beefy and its users:
Hopefully nice yields once token goes live. Also means good share for Beefy. Could become the “Scream” of Arbitrum. Best candidate so far. Farming e.g. single DAI with leverage like on Scream via Beefy would be great.

*I participated in their crowdpooling event today. Not otherwise invested or related with Amy.

Their contracts are proxies that point to unverified contracts :grimacing:

Not good.

Another question: Not sure how, It seems I added an url,, by accident to the subtitle? How is that possible lol.