Request for ALL vaults from PancakeBunny at BSC

I would like to request vampire vaults for the PancakeBunny vaults. They have a 0.5% fee on withdrawal.

Staked Token: Varies.
Current TVL: 790M
Current farm APR: Varies.
Link to platform: Bunny

Reason why it would benefit Beefy and its users: Vampire vaults of AUTO have been doing great and bring TVL to beefy. Having vampire vaults for PancakeBunny can bring even more TVL and higher APR for cake.

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Maybe some news about that. There is a lockup period of 72 hours. Within that period there is the 0,5% fee. Up until now you couldn’t harvest the bunny rewards but starting tomorrow the 29th of March you can harvest the bunny rewards and restake them if you like for the cake vault at least…

So maybe that would make a vampire vault possible.
Of course each restaking would lock the investment for 72 hours. Also There is no way to only partially withdraw… Maybe that would break the ability to make a vampire vault. If someone wants to pull out of the beefy vault you could also pull out the whole vault and put it back in. That operation is not that expensive.

So are Bunny vampire vaults possible?
It currently has the highest APY for Cake (single token vault). If only we could autocompound Bunny for Cake it would be the best.