Request for BR34P-WBNB LP vault from at BSC

I would like to request a new Vault

Staked Token: BR34P-WBNB LP
Current TVL: 1.1 million
Current farm DPR: 1.02% (Daily)
Link to platform:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Br34P_Chat

Reason why it would benefit Beefy and its users:

This seems to be a good project, developer is well known (Forex Shark) in the industry for other projects in ETH. Currently this BR34P project is about a deflationary approach, using RAKE as a reward token. They’re launching a support project called DRIP in order to reduce sell presure over RAKE token. Developer team is hyperactive in their telegram, they are working 24x7, check for yourself I’m confident on that project and I would suggest additional farms from there like BR34P-RAKE LP where automatically Beefy might sell half Rake rewards to buy BR34P then add to same LP and compund.

More info from their Telegram group


bR34P is the only deflationary token which sends rewards directly to holders and liquidity providers on BSC

It has the ultimate protocol of a token to build systems on top of due to the way it sustainably rewards holders and liquidity providers in a deflationary manner.


  • bR34P (R34P) token benefits every holder with a low-cost charge of 1% fee in every transaction on the blockchain, redistributes to every wallet holder automatically based on the amount of R34P token in their wallets and another 1% will be sent to 0x000 wallet that will automatically burn and reduce the circulation/ total supply.


RAKE is a reward tokens with a maximum supply of 80,000 and a % of all rewards from the optimizer vaults are used to buy back RAKE on pancakeswap and burn it, forever removing the RAKE from circulation, making RAKE a deflationary reward tokens. Removing these RAKE tokens directly from the pool offsets sell pressure that is usually associated with farm reward tokens.

RAKE farm is a hyper-optimizing yield farming platform within the bR34P ecosystem. All of the pools associated with the RAKE farm are profitable to provide liquidity to as liquidity provider fees alone. That’s not even taking the farm rewards into account.

Can’t take an autofarm-fork serious, that didn’t even remove the already closed Viking-LP’s. Maybe I should put 14$ worth of VIKING-BNB LP via direct smart contract interaction for 157% DPY into the vault.

Poor fork at the moment. I am against using it. Maybe reevaluate in a week.

so what’s the current status of rake these days?