Request for CVX/ETH from polly finance at Polygon

I would like to request a new vault !

Staked Token: CVX/ETH LP
Current TVL: 363 000 $
Current farm APR: 17.80%
Link to platform: Polly Finance

Reason why it would benefit Beefy and its users:
I discovered that I could buy CVX on polygon for less, which made me happy.
After analysis I discovered that it was thanks to Polly Finance and its LPs tokens that there was liquidity on polygon for the main DEFI tokens on Polygon.
Convex is the 5th largest protocol in terms of TVL on ethereum mainnet. Allowing users to gain exposure to the token by buying it cheaply and then earning rewards by adding liquidity is a good thing in my opinion. It would also allow Beefy to have more TVL !