Request for FOX farms from Farmersonly at Harmony

I would like to request a new Vault

Staked Token: FOX & FOX-XXX-LP’s (6 pairs)
Current TVL: $1m
Current farm APR: 560-1100% APR
Link to platform: (Click on launch for the dApp)

Reason why it would benefit Beefy and its users: I think this is the best farm on Harmony so far. Most code is forked from Polycat. Also has vaults. So it’s kinda the Polycat of Harmony. I think the main developer of Farmersonly is Cryptina, he is engaged in the Harmony community and also has some nice tools, e.g. a farms alert bot on telegram (multichain) and a yield farm table on their website (click on Farms before you launch the dApp). I think all contracts are verified.