Request for SOL-DOT-ADA-ETH-BNB vault from Pancakeswap at BSC

With liquidity pools now evolving from dual-token pools to multi-token pools, would be great to see Beefy implementing more of these multi-token pools, in particular multi-token pools involving big cap or blue chip tokens such as SOL-DOT-ADA-ETH-BNB or even SOL-DOT-ADA-ETH-BNB-BTC.


PancakeSwap doesn’t have multi-token pools? Where are you staking SOL-DOT-ADA-ETH-BNB? Can you provide a link?

Yeah you’re partly right that PancakeSwap doesn’t have these pool. It’s a multi-token pool so it’s something new and a little different. I am not exactly sure how multi-token pools work so I am only assuming these pools uses a combination of the dual-token pools in PancakeSwap.

I don’t feel comfortable in a Beefy forum here in releasing the name of the project who recently implemented this multi-token pool. If you know of a way, I am happy to DM you.

Come to the Beefy Discord. We can chat about it on there.