Request for sSPELL-SPELL vault from SpiritSwap at Fantom

I would like to request a new Vault

Staked Token: sSPELL-SPELL LP
Current TVL: $3,136,749
Current farm APR: 39.47%
Link to platform: Incentivized AMM on Fantom Opera - SpiritSwap

Reason why it would benefit Beefy and its users:
sSPELL is the staked version of SPELL from Layer 1 ETH. It benefits from fees earned through, currently 22.115% APR. SPELL is the governance token of and maintains a close peg to sSPELL, currently 1sSPELL = 1.1066 SPELL. So vaulting this provides additional yield on top of sSPELL’s inherent APR.