Request for VERT-MATIC from Quickswap and VERT-ROUTE from Dfyn at Polygon

I would like to request a new Vault

Current TVL: $47,190.57
Current farm APR: 677.16% and 746.25%
Link to platform:

Reason why it would benefit Beefy and its users:

PolyVertex is a long term community-led project . The yield farm has been audited by TechRate and reviewed by RugDoc. The main developer has KYC’d with Assure.

Currently the project is in a great place for the moon. They recently launched their DAO with VERT as their governance token and have seen the market cap grow 20% since then. As more people learn and interact with the governance and more deflationary tokenomics develop as a result, it won’t stay at this price. Beefy users will get the ability to ride that wave and benefit from these factors as the project grows.

The MATIC and ROUTE pairs are the highest earning LP’s and have not been vaulted by any vault partners and therefore have the highest potential gains for Beefy users.