Request for WMATIC/USDC at SushiSwap on Polygon

I would like to request a new Vault

Staked Token: WMATIC-USDC LP
Current TVL: $19M
Current farm APR: 237% (per
Link to platform: WMATIC-USDC | SushiSwap Analytics

Reason why it would benefit Beefy and its users: This is a monster APY for two major tokens. Beefy already supports the same pair on Quickswap, but the economics are much more favorable on Sushi, with volume/reserves of 3.2 rather than 1.78. While there are many other operators offering vaults for Quickswap, I find none for Sushi, suggesting a major opportunity here for Beefy. Additionally, since the pair is already supported, and Sushi is already supported, I hope that adding this vault would be relatively little work for the devs.

+1 for this vault request

+1 for this! much needed