(Retroactive) Documentation Rewards Proposal

This is a combined proposal, asking to reward the efforts of mjoaris, Karen and Chip. We have all written a section, which you can find below.

Motivation mjoaris:
Ever since I (mjoaris) joined Beefy and started doing “customer support”, mainly in Discord, I saw an opportunity to improve the existing docs with knowledge that could be helpful to users. If I would have to pick a few well-shared documentation articles, I would choose the ‘How to bridge BIFI cross-chain’ (How to bridge BIFI cross-chain - Beefy.Finance) and the full ‘Infographics’ section (Beefy Finance Infographics - Beefy.Finance).

Recently, I have led the development of multi-language documentation for Beefy Finance with the Russian translation which is live at the moment, and the Chinese version that Chip is currently finishing. Furthermore, I will be looking to work with other contributors to translate and maintain the documentation in other major languages. As Beefy grows, so does its userbase. It is important to cater the users worldwide by having documentation in their native language.

Additionally, I have been managing and collaborating with others (such as AllTrades and Kexley) to work on the documentation, and I am a (the?) maintainer of the Docs GitHub. Over the past 6 months, countless information has been added and many sections have been rewritten. One can see all commits on the GitHub or scroll through the #documentation channel which I have used to occasionally post a changelog.

Looking at Beefy’s Monthly Grants as a guideline, here I want to put a few words on the focus of ROI. This rewards proposal fits precisely in the “Documentation and localization: Helping more people understand Beefy” category. I am trying to create a better understanding of how Beefy works, what key advantages are, as well as legitimizing the project for potential investors doing due diligence by having professional documentation in place. If the documentation is only a small part of attracting new users, and thus TVL and revenue, it is directly providing a return of investment to Beefy.

Concluding, and again looking at Beefy’s Monthly Grants for my reasoning, the max ask per proposal for the first batch of grants is $5,000. I would like to mirror that and request this amount as a retroactive reward for the effort I have put in over the past 6 months, while also using it as incentive going forward.

Motivation Chip:
I (Chip) joined Beefy as a community manager for Chinese Telegram community since May. While answering users’ questions daily, I notice some of their questions are repetitive, and most of the answers can be found easily in the docs, which is only available in English at that moment. (Meanwhile not all Chinese users understand English, so they have a hard time on grasping the concept on how Beefy works)

Therefore, I was working with mjoaris on getting the docs to be translated to Chinese, for easier reference of new and current Chinese investors of Beefy Finance. I’m also ready to contribute with any further updates of documentation.

Therefore, I’d like to request $1000 as a compensation for undertaken efforts.

Motivation Karen094:

I joined to Beefy as a regular farmer but quickly found out that in order to fully understand the power of Beefy.Finance an investor should clearly get what are the core mechanics of yield optimizer platform. To ensure it I decided to contribute to the project by providing my ru-en language skills and together with mjoaris we’ve done a Russian version of documentation. Beside that I’m ready to contribute with any further updates of documentation.

Therefore, I’d like to request $1000 as a compensation for undertaken efforts.

This Retroactive Documentation Rewards Proposal asks a total of $7000 which will be paid as follows: $5000 for mjoaris, $1000 for Chip and $1000 for Karen094.

Voting options:

  • Yes, grant $7000.
  • No, reconsider reward height(s).

We are posting here first to gather feedback, if any, before moving on to a DAO vote in the next few days.