Take Polygondex Multi-Chain and Make it THE Beefy Tracker

Polygondex is a community tool used to track yield of Beefy vaults on the Polygon Network. It is well known for its high level of detail including displaying IL, vault yield, and token rebalances. Polygondex also tracks yield when users use Beefy Zap, something no other tracker does.

The goal of this proposal is to first expand Polygondex to track ALL beefy vaults across ALL chains as a proof of concept. After the initial proof of concept is complete, we would then work with the Beefy design team and front-end developers to integrate the Polygondex level of tracking directly into the beefy.finance App. While looking at a deposited vault in the App, you would be able to see your performance data directly, perhaps even as one of the chart toggles.

The grant would also fund development to automate tracking of new vaults as they are added, including vaults utilizing a token for the first time. Beefy Boost tracking would also be automated so that users would have no downtime in tracking their yield even after staking their Moo Tokens into a Beefy Boost. With app integration, this would also allow users to maintain insight into their assets while Moo Tokens are staked in a boost.

To further integrate with Beefy, newly developed and/or advanced features would be available exclusively to BIFI holders! Instead of using a 3rd party token from Polygondex, BIFI would be your key to unlock full tracking goodness.

This integration would encourage more BIFI holders and so increase buy pressure on the token, and reduce sell pressure, resulting in a higher price for BIFI.

When users track their yield to the high level of detail provided with polygondex, it would increase user satisfaction of using Beefy. When users can only track positions to this level of detail on Beefy and no other DeFi platform, it further incentivizes users to continue using Beefy over competitors. Both of these reasons drive an increase in TVL.

ROI (Numbers taken 10/6/2021)
At Beefy’s present $841 M TVL and $572k monthly revenue, if advanced tracking made available by these upgrades increased TVL by 3.5%, this grant would be cost neutral in 1 month, so it would quickly provide a strong ROI.

Website for current version: Polygon Yield Tracker
Sample Wallet (Selected from the blockchain, no affiliation with the project): https://polygondex.com/track/yield/yieldMeBroDawg.aspx?acc=0xcdf46720bdf30d6bd0912162677c865d4344b0ca

Funds requested = $10,000 initially to Terry (PolygonDex.com) for use of the inherited base PolygonDex code.
Upon delivery of the proof of concept, an additional $10,000.
Agreement to this as a BeefyGrant will bind Terry to working closely and reasonably with Beefy as described above to achieve the vision described

This proposal is being submitted in collaboration with Terry.
See: Discord

This proposal replaces the proposal previously submitted by EPETE.


To decrease risk maybe Terry should work together with Beefy from the start. Or have the payment split in two parts, for example, proof of concept pay 1/3, and after full integration, pay 2/3. Just a quick thought from me :slight_smile:
Terry will probably remember that the first thing I asked him was if he would work with Beefy and make his tracker integrated with Beefy App, haha! I would love this!