"Transaction error: exception thrown in contract code"

I created the LP Token, Seemed OK, but when I go to deposit it I get the error, it looks like a permission was not given, maybe I didnt see the permission request from Metamask - how can I fix this, or break the LP token and redo it?

the LP Token shows up in the Beefy Vault, and I can see it in Metamask as a “Uni-v2” Token - it still says the “transaction is pending” but it won’t finish

Update: this looks like a Beefy error: on Beefy the LP is listed as a “WISE-MATIC LP” but on Polywise it is actually a “WISE-WMATIC LP” - maybe I created the wrong LP, with MATIC instead of WMATIC?

Update 2: Now the Vault on Beefy has disappeared, and the other “WISE” Vault is “retired”? Still cant withdraw any funds from these 2, keep getting charged a gas fee but then…nothing

So I now have 2 LP that I can’t do anything with - any ideas?