Unable to deposit into Celo cUSD-cEUR vault

Hi guys, I’m trying to deposit into the Celo cUSD-cEUR pool, but I receive an error saying “Gas limit must be at least 21000”. The suggested gas fee according to Metamask is 0. When I try to increase the gas (to 21000 or higher) I receive another error saying “Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.” Someone who can help me with this issue?

Have you tried authenticating your wallet? I had the same exact issue, but it got fixed after authenticating my wallet


Same issue here with cUSD DAI LP.

What do you mean by “Authenticating your wallet” ?


Same here with cUSD DAI LP.

Any suggestion?


I have the same problem with cUSD DAI LP too.
Please help!
Thanks a lot

Hi guys! People are helping in Telegram!

I suggest enter in http://t.me/beefyfinance